Main features

Say no to paper and track attendance with just one click on your browser or mobile device.

Groups and Learners

Add your students manually or import them from an xls/csv file.


Take roll from any device. Create multiple sessions in one day.


Align your students attendance with your grading scheme.


Group and individual snapshots of student attendance. Analytics for your classroom.

Groups and learners

Create and upload unlimited groups and student rosters

  • Name your group
  • Setup the course period
  • Sessions timing
  • Add your students manually
  • Or import them, through an excel file.
    (Download an excel template in order to facilitate the process)


Join 1000s of other teachers completely free. Create a new session to control attendance with just one click or push in your mobile browser.

Multiview: Edit mode and View mode

In Edit Mode you can manage all attendance status for your students
In View Mode you have a wider calendar view of the different sessions color coded.
When you hover the cursos you get additional attendance details for each of the individual sessions.


Attendee has two types of scoring by state:

Minimum percentage

“I have to attend at least 80% of the classes to get 2 points”
Establish a point/grading scheme based on a percentage of attendance.

Points by session

“I get 0.1 points by attending each of the classes”
Establish a point/grading scheme connected to each of the sessions.


Get insights in PDF and (very soon) other formats. Include your logo for internal or external distribution.

  • The report will contain the attendance statuses for each participant and its associated score
  • Name, logo and other configurable data will be part of the report as well


View and manage your assistance from your mobile.

  • We designed Attendee with the mobile experience at its core
  • Attendee is available in all your devices and is fully responsive. It means its look and feel and experience adapts to the size of your screen
  • Save time by leveraging attendee from any device, any time.

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